21 New Ways To Rock Your Eyebrows This Weekend

We were hanging out with a make-up artist friend of ours, Pearl Tan, when it struck us…. we can get tutorials for freeeeee now! LOL JK – we did actually talk about experimental looks, and figured it would be a rad way to switch things up by testing out new ways to rock your eyebrows! Pearl gave us some simple instructions to achieve the 21 looks CLEO picked out, specially for you.

  1. Pastels


  • Using a small angled brush, pick the pastel colour of your choice and line the shape of your eyebrow.
  • Pat down the whole eyebrow with the same pastel colour, using an eyeshadow brush – this method will help the colour last longer.


2. Metallic


  • Dip your angled brush in a highly pigmented metallic colour, preferably one with creamy texture.
  • Shape your eyebrow first.
  • Pat down the whole eyebrow with the same metallic color, using an eyeshadow brush.


3. The Underdog


  • This look works best with freshly shaped eyebrow.
  • Using a coloured eyeliner, carefully draw a thick line under the bottom half of your eyebrow.
  • Use concealer to clean up.


4. The Under Arch


  • Using a coloured eyeliner, carefully draw a thick line under the arch of your eyebrow. To help create a more even look, you can first divide your eyebrows into three segments.
  • Use concealer to clean up.


5. The Lean In


  • Fill your eyebrow as normal.
  • Using an eyeshadow brush, pick a bright colour of your choice, and pat it on the first half of your eyebrow.
  • Feather it out with a clean angled brush for a more artistic direction.


6. The Rainbow


  • Pick four creamy eyeshadow colours of you choice ( e.g pink, purple, yellow, blue)
  • Start with the lightest colour.
  • Use a fine eyeliner brush to carefully draw strokes, mimicking your natural eyebrow strands.
  • Alternate between the colours to create a rainbow palette.
  • Use fixing spray to set it.


7. The Eyebag


  • Use concealer to conceal the colour of your brows.
  • Proceed to colour the whole eyebrow with a light colour of your choice.
  • Waterline your bottom eyelid with a nude colour.
  • Apply the eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye, and then to the bottom lids.


8. The Coordinate


  • This one’s fairly simple! Pick out a colour that’s similar, if not exactly the same as your funky dyed hair.
  • With the selected colour, fill in your brows naturally.


9. The Under Glitter


  • Using a glittery liquid eyeliner, draw a line under your eyebrow, following its shape.


10. The Gradient


  • Choose three colours from the same family (e.g light blue, blue and navy blue).
  • Fill the front of the eyebrow with the lightest colour, middle section with the second colour, leaving the darkest colour for the back of the eyebrow.
  • Use concealer to clean up.


11. The Feather Duster


  • Choose three creamy eyeshadow colours of your choice.
  • Segment your eyebrows into three parts.
  • You may use your fingers for this next part – pat down the first colour on your eyelid, working your way up to the eyebrow.
  • Follow suit with the next two colours and segments.
  • Use fixing spray to set it.


12. WhiteAccents


  • Shade your whole eyelid with a dark eyeshadow.
  • Apply the eyeshadow on your eyebrow as well.
  • Use white eyeliner to strongly accent a few strands on the shaded eyebrow for accentuation.


13. Big Bird


  • Choose a nude tone or a yellowish tone.
  • Shape your eyebrow and fill it with the selected colour.
  • To balance out this look, apply a pink tone either on your cheek or lips.


14. Metallica Highlight


  • Fill in your eyebrows as per you usual routine.
  • Pick out a creamy metallic eyeshadow, and apply it only on the arch of your brow.
  • Blend out any harsh lines, for a more mysterious look.


15. The Angry Bird


  • Use red pigmented lipstick for this look.
  • Using an angled brush, draw a sharp line diagonally.
  • Do not follow the shape of the eyebrow arch.
  • Slowly fill in the shape you drew with the red lipstick.
  • Once you are done with your ideal brow shape, pat red eyeshadow on top of the lipstick for a longer lasting look.


16. Natural Pigment Look


  • This look utilises the brow mascara.
  • For a more daring look, opt for a neon colour.
  • Apply it thorough your brow, making sure every strand is coated.
  • Apply a similar colour on your eyelashes for a matchy look.


17. Bridging


  • Use concealer to conceal the colour of your brows.
  • Draw a thin eyebrow shape using black eyeshadow, focusing more toward the end of the eyebrow.
  • Use a rusty colour (e.g reddish brown) to colour the front part of the brows, including the side of your nose bridge.
  • Feather out the ends of the shadow along the bridge of your nose (this works like a contour as well).


18. The Mermaid


  • Prepare different sizes and colours of sequins that match with your #OOTN.
  • Colour your eyebrow with an eyeshadow colour as a base.
  • Stick the sequins using eyelashes glue.
  • Alternate between the sizes of sequins in order to create dimensions.


19. The Stud Muffin


  • Get a set of studs of your choice.
  • Stick it on your eyebrows following its shape, using eyelash glue.
  • For a cleaner look, use different sized studs. Starting with bigger stud, getting smaller as you reach the end.


20. Swan Lake


  • Draw a straight brow using black eyeshadow first.
  • Using a thin eyeliner brush, carefully draw a straight vertical line in the front, and blend it together with the eyebrow.
  • Draw a few defined strokes at the end of your eyebrow.
  • Use concealer to clean up.


21. The Day To Day


  • For a more natural look, use eyebrow shadow to shade your eyebrow, and fill in any gaps with it.
  • Using eyebrow mascara, apply it on your eyebrow for a smoother look.