3 Beautiful Hairstyles That’ll Get You Ready in 3 Minutes

Go ahead and snooze that alarm clock, because we have 3 easy hairstyles that require only 3 minutes to get you out the door on time …and looking fabulous!

3-Minute Romantic Twisted Updo

Turning any bad hair day to a good one, this elegant hairstyle perfectly hides those frizz and completes your look no matter day or night!

3-Minute Spiral Half-Updo

This unique hairdo might seem complicated to achieve at first sight but watch the tutorial video above and you’ll be amazed at how effortless it actually is.

3-Minute Boho Updo for Short Hair

Thought short-haired girls can’t wear their hair up? Think again! All you need is a cute headband, some bobby pins and 3 minutes of your time!



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