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4 Bad Beauty Habits to Break in the New Year

Sure, there are beauty tips that are life-changing (did you know that you should only use your ring finger when applying your eye cream? Why? You should only use this finger, because it applies just the right amount of pressure, HOKAY?), then there are the beauty habits that you just simply need to know are bad for you and should be stopped right away. Like ASAP. 

Sure, it’s hard to go cold-turkey on deep-seated bad habits. But we’re not talking about the “forgetting to cleanse before going to bed” or “sleeping with make-up on” (<– Pull yourself together, please don’t ever do this!). These four bad beauty habits are  the skin and make-up sins that you should leave behind in 2017 (along with all those toxic relationships).  #TeamCLEO swears by all this.

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1. keeping mascara for too long

Yep, gonna ghost you in T-minus 90 days…

This is two-fold, so we’ve lumped it under one topic. For one, you have to ditch your old mascara and switch it up after around 3 months. Do you know why? It’s because this goes directly on your eyes and lashes, and can breed bacteria. These transfer to your eyes and increase the chances of an eye infection. Pink-eye is not in vogue for 2018. And this is so important because you need your eyes, and not that skanky tube of mascara that you picked up at Duty-Free during your girl’s trip to Samui back in 2014.

The second limb of this is that because of this, you only need to buy drugstore mascara because 1. They work just as well (sometimes better than luxe, whoops), and 2. It’s easier on the pocket when you have to say bye to your mascara after just 90 days.

Okay now that you know this for sure, we recommend:

<<Maybelline mascara>>

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