4 Things You NEED To Know Before Dying Your Hair A Funky Asf Colour

It felt like this was ages before, but just 2 years back, I started dying my hair a ridiculous amount of different colours – no, not at once, but over the timespan. I may not exactly be a pro in knowing what kind of blonde suits your skin tone, but I do know what it’s like to be a customer. So, that is why I bring you this  – a humble and unfiltered guide on what you need to know before dying your hair a funky asf colour!


Dark Colours First

Your hairstylist may have already told you this, but unless you have an unlimited budget for multiple applications of peroxide, the first time you bleach + dye your hair, it’ll end up looking a little darker than expected.


Especially if you have pigment stubborn hair like mine! I started out the whole experience with a blonde do, and although it ended up looking great, 2 rounds of bleach was not fun.


Which leads me to my next point..


Bleach Hurts Like A Bish

Of course the first time I did it, I put on a brave face, but my hairstylist could see past my smiley winces and reacted by washing it off ASAP. Some people were not so lucky… Whatever horror story any of your peroxide experienced friends have told you – believe. Because it has more truth to it than you’d like to admit. Don’t tahan macho when you’re getting bleached out. If it hurts, say something before your scalp gives up on you! It took me over a year of regular bleaching to be comfortable enough to scream “someone please wash this offfff!”, but trust me, in the long run, your scalp will thank you for it. Don’t feel embarrassed to speak up, because at the end of the day, you are paying for it in more ways than just cash.


Wait What???

Yes, you will be paying for your multi-coloured #HorrorJuku hair in more ways than one. Cash is one thing to have when bleaching your hair regularly over a long time frame, having more hair is another… Anyone who’s taken a inclined liking to peroxide hair will agree that your hair will never be the same. It’s as if the thing will grow a mind of its own – acting all unruly and wild to compensate for the lack of, well, hair it once had.collage-2016-12-05-3

It actually even reached a point where my hair started to melt off. I had to cut it shorter each time my hair gave up form chemical burns. It was so out of control, I was subjected to either wearing a hat, cap, or tying my hair everyday. May I also point out that as you age, your hair thins out. I was fortunate enough to have genes with thick asf hair, but even after I’ve stopped bleaching my hair, it still feels like I may have quickened the process of hair loss.


Cut OR Colour

Unfortunately for bleached hair, the types of hairstyles you’d be able to rock are somewhat limited to simpler forms. Circa 2014, Lord Farquaad was my hair hero…


That picture on top was pretty much a blessed day; having magically gotten ready faster than I usually did, I had an additional 30 minutes to style my hair. On any other given day, I would’ve just ended up looking like this…


Or a mess, if you’d like to put a more descriptive word to it.


I’ve gotta admit, though. It was a fun run, being able to experiment and experience the colours of the rainbow on my head.


If you’re planning on heading down that route, I can totally empathise with why, but just make damn sure that you’ve got strong hair, and a stronger scalp. It’s a major love hate thing, really.