5 Bag-Friendly Essentials To Bring For A Music Festival

Music festival season is HERE! And with all the festivals, concerts and tours coming up, you’d definitely wanna look good while rocking on to your favorite live tracks. Speaking of good music, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore 2017 is happening this weekend and we’ve created our very own things-to-bring list  because too much sweaty-glow and runny makeup will not look good on your Insta posts!

1. Sunscreen

UV rays are not the kind of “hotties” you’d want to make friends with. Be sure to apply sunscreen like Bio-Essence Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF 50+ (RM44.90) before and throughout the whole day for full-on-head-to-toe protection.

2. Cushion compact

Let’s be real, do you really want to carry your big ol’ makeup bag with you? It’s gonna get in the way of your groove. With sunscreen as base, all you need is to dab on a foundation or BB cream for a moisturizing and flawless-looking coverage. Lightweight and easy to carry it around, the Laneige BB Cushion for Pore Control (RM159) is perfect for the weekend, especially those with oily skin!

3. Face mist

While you’re rehydrating yourself with water, your face could use some blast of H2O too. Avoid sunburns and dryness by spritzing on Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist (RM72). This will instantly cool down your face and even sustain the makeup you have on.

4. SPF-infused lip balm

Fact: Do you know that dermatologists will first check our lips for signs of UV damage? Just because you’re wearing lipstick that doesn’t mean your lips are protected. Swipe on the Supergoop! Mint Fusion SPF 30 Lip Balm (RM41) during set-breaks for pout-protection and dose of much-needed rehydration.

5. Hand sanitizer

Big crowds are like germ-frenzy with everyone dropping sweats and rubbing shoulders to catch a glimpse of the performing artist, you’d probably want to sanitize your hands just to be safe. If there’s no water source nearby, just use Dettol Hand Sanitizer Soothe (RM6.94) that effectively shields your hands from unwanted germs and falling sick after a smashing weekend.