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5 Signs That Show Up When Your Makeup Has Expired

When you love makeup as much as I do, you’re going to have more than 1 lipstick, more than 1 concealer and definitely more than 1 mascara tube.

But what happens when you’re constantly reaching for the same concealer, the same lipstick shade, and the same mascara? Well the others basically expire. We try to kid ourselves into thinking that they’re gonna last forever, every makeup lover’s dream, but it ain’t happening.

This turns into hoarding because most of us can’t even tell when our makeup has run its course. I know I couldn’t, hence the 15 concealer tubes that I have stashed in my drawers. However, if we want to protect our faces, we need to learn to recognise the signs that show up.

Here are 5 signs that you should be looking / sniffing out for:

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Mascara & Eyeliner

The binding rule is that mascaras need to be changed every 3 months, but no one has RM100 to splurge on a single tube every month. So we stretch it out, use it a few more weeks which then folds over to a few months.

Signs: When your mascara or eyeliner ink is clumpy and dry. If this happens before the 3 months mark then by all means, put the tube in a glass of warm to hot water so the ink will melt. But once it’s waaaaay past the 3 month mark, stop doing that! Dry clumps and a foul smell means it’s time for it to hit the bin.

Trust us, you don’t want pink-eye! 

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