6 Coachella Beauty Looks That You Can Use Any Day

Featured image from Instagram: Taylor Hill

Ah Coachella… Only a day away and we’re super bummed out. Why? In case you’re not aware, we don’t have that music festival here in Malaysia.

A whole weekend of music, fun, colours and trendy looks – we’re seriously missing out, guys. Music festivals like Coachella are one of the most talked about topics in the entire world. Everyone is planning their trip there, where they’re going to be staying, what outfit are they gonna rock during the festival weekend and most importantly, what beauty look are they gonna be sporting.

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Since we’re left here in Malaysia where nothing fun ever happens (unless you count that one time that an ostrich was running wild on Federal Highway), we decided to narrow down some Coachella beauty looks that you can rock here. Let’s be real, we’re all #FOMO right now as the weekend approaches.

With that, here are some simple beauty looks that you can wear anyday, so you don’t get the awkward stares:

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Image: Getty Images

Cherry Red 

As simple smokey eye and a bold red lip? Hell yes! Pair it with statement earrings and you’re good to go. Don’t be surprised if someone is constantly staring at your luscious lips.

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