8 Best Sunscreen To Combat The Heat In Malaysia

If you’re not applying sunscreen to your face, you’re ruining your skin.

According to skincancer.org, anyone over the age of six months should be slathering on some sunscreen before leaving the house. So your excuse of, “I’m still young” is not cutting it. Even if you spend most of your day indoors, applying sunscreen is a must because you will still be exposed to the sun when you go out for lunch or if you sit near a window. The window might be able to filter out UVB rays but not UVA rays.

There are many benefits to applying sunscreen daily such as:

  1. Shields your face from harmful UV rays.
  2. Prevents pre-mature aging.
  3. Lowers skin care risks.
  4. Prevents sunburn.
  5. Prevents body from getting darker (tanning).

So, do yourself a favour and get one A.S.A.P.! Worried about buying the wrong type of sunscreen? Read on because there’s something for everyone:

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For those who want an affordable option

Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion, RM24.91, Available at Watsons

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