8 Simple Hacks To Achieve The Ultimate Lashes On-Fleek

Lipstick, check. Eyeliner on-point, check. Highlights that can blind the sun, definitely check. But what about our lashes? Some of us may not be so fortunate in the lash-hair department and we opt for fake lashes, but why go through all the hassle when you can get REAL fuller lashes with just a mascara. Feel free to screenshot this article as we share our personal hacks to achieve fuller lashes!

1. Use an eyelash curler


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, RM68.

Oldest tip in the book is to use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. But don’t get carried away girls — AVOID curling your lashes after applying mascara, or you might accidentally pull out your lashes (Ouch!)


2. Add heat

For curvier lashes, dunk your eyelash curler in hot water or simply blast it with heat, using your hair-dryer. This will also help to hold the curls! Note: Make sure the curler is not too hot by testing it on the back of your hand first.


3. De-clump your lashes.

Isn’t it annoying when you apply mascara on your lashes, and it gets all clumpy, almost as if you have eye boogers on them? Get rid of those clumps by cleaning your mascara brush with tissue paper. You can also soften the mascara liquid by soaking the tube in hot water!


4. All about the angles

Girrrlll you definitely want to coat every single lash and to do so, start off by putting on your mascara and allowing it to set at the lash roots for about 5 seconds. Then, wiggle the wand and brush it upwards. This will definitely make your eyes POP!


5. Maintain the shape

If your lashes are prone to fall straight, curl them at the base with your eyelash curler. While lashes are still clamped, swipe your first coat of mascara to reinforce the curl.


6. Use two different mascaras

As the saying goes, why not both? Pair a lengthening mascara with a voluminising mascara for fuller lashes that are beyond level 9000.


7. Customise your look

If you have wide-set of eyes, layer more coats on the inner corners of your eyes. Close-set eyes? Just brush your outer edge lashes.



The average life span of a mascara is 6 months, so unless you are auditioning for an episode of Hoarders, please get yourself a new mascara once it hits the 6-months mark. Need help? Here’s some of our fave mascaras to add to your daily makeup stash:

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