8 Sins Your Hair Stylist Wishes You Would Stop Doing

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The feelings that rush through me when it’s due to schedule an appointment with my go-to hair stylist is much like to booking a slot at the dentist. Consciously aware that I haven’t been disciplined, yet coming forward with guilt to get that monthly dose of nagging from a professional.

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In the end, we all make the same prolific mistakes when it comes to hair care. Of course, the Kylie Jenners of the world are blessed to have a stylist on stand-by 24/7 but for us normal hoo-mans, there’s a lot of tips and tricks to take away from hair salons.

On behalf of all hair experts, we got a few of them to share all the overriding sins they’d wish you would stop doing.

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“One thing I wish that people would stop doing to their hair is using DIY box colour.”

William Wong, Director of TONI&GUY Malaysia.

It may be more cost efficient but if you’ve had first-hand experience, you already know how messy it can get and the results prove as evidence. The uneven coverage is horrifying and it’s way more likely that you’ll stain your scalp.

Professional colourists are well trained for perfect application with the right amount of colour cream to hair ratio as well as being accurate on development time during the colouring process. They’re able to customise colours to match your skin tone (so important!) and make the process of growing out your hair more seamless depending on your daily hair routine looks like.

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