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A High-End Makeup Artist On Celebrating Women and Using Skin-Loving Makeup

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re into makeup. Makeup works as an extension of your personality, has the power to make you feel better, it can be a part of your uniform and let’s face it – makeup is just so fun (raise your hand if you just love looking at pretty palettes!). Considering most of us use some form of makeup on the daily, wouldn’t it be better if it also treats and benefits our skin? It was this line of thinking that informs Sisley’s makeup collection.

The high-end French beauty label may be known for its seriously luxe, plant-based skincare but their makeup are in a league of its own; combining kind-to-skin, treatment properties with classic colours you can’t go wrong with. Makeup artist Alexandre Collaiani, with his experience in film, opera and editorials, bring a creative, artistic spin to Sisley’s products. For SS18, his vision for Sisley is Lady Liberty. Rather than coming up with a whole new limited edition range, Alexandre uses Sisley’s makeup to inspire original artworks to gift Sisley’s loyal clients.

We caught up with him to chat about Sisley’s star products and he shares some words of wisdom on skincare and why women are at the epicentre of his work.

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Lady Liberty drawings created with various mediums, including Sisley eyeshadows!

On taking inspiration from the woman…

When you’re a makeup artist, you find inspiration in the woman. If you don’t know the woman, you can’t be a makeup artist. If you don’t love women, if you don’t respect women, you can’t be a makeup artist. For me the woman is the most important thing in this world, they create humanity.

On his Lady Liberty artwork for Sisley…

When I do makeup it’s always a celebration of a woman. What kind of woman do you want to be? Every woman has their own views on beauty. Some prefer to be natural, some sophisticated. Today women have a choice. You can decide who you want to be. That’s why this collection is named Lady Liberty. You decide. And I just help you. I’m a servant to the woman (laughs). When I work, I follow fashion trends but also the social life. The real life of the woman. It’s why this year I’m dedicating the collection to the women’s lifestyle.

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