I Did An AFT Hair Removal Treatment At STRIP And These Are The Results [SFW]

I’m a little old school with certain things. So when it comes to hair removal, the immediate association is that I need to do a wax job which for obvious reasons, involves a certain amount of pain (hot wax, ripping of hair from its room, yowch). Let’s face it, no matter what you do with a wax, hard or soft, it still hurts. Some waxing procedures mitigate the pain with the type of wax they use, maybe some of the components in the wax, and the actual skill level of the waxer (she’s gotta be a pro, man).

Then IPL makes its introduction into the beauty world and everyone breathes a little sigh of relief. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which uses light to specially reduce the growth of hair and the BEST PART was that it barely hurt. Because the light pulses, you only feel little tingles like “ant bites”. Nothing, in comparison to a Brazilian wax. (I remember doing IPL once and signing up for a package like, on that day itself. I was thrilled to de-fuzz with little fuss.)

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Then, AFT makes its way into the boutique salons of the super-experts of hair removal, STRIP, and we have yet again another technological advance in hair removal that’s effective, fast, and PAINLESS.

You read that, painless.

Even though they don’t promote it as painless (I mean why the H not?! I’m thinking it’s a regulatory thing), after trying it out, I can definitely say that there was no pain of hair removal at all.

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AFT actually stands for  Advanced Fluorescence Technology, the next generation in semi-permanent hair reduction which uses beams of specially filtered light to weaken hair follicles, delaying hair growth or stopping a percentage of regrowth entirely. But because it’s so much more concentrated than IPL and because STRIP uses a special head called Powerpac, it’s very effective and doesn’t hurt AT ALL.

Let me walk you through the experience:

This is the entry area of the STRIP in Plaza Arkadia. Now, if you’re familiar with the brand STRIP, they’re so, SO good at branding their outlets and making them so unique and unusual. I particularly liked this outlet because of its calming interior and very stylish decor.

Let’s take one more appreciation of the interior of STRIP’s Plaza Arkadia outlet. I love the arches which feel very art deco. Fancy lah!

I was shown this treatment room where I could say goodbye to my hairy zone in comfort and in peace.

Now these are the literal steps of what happens during STRIP’s AFT session and why nothing hurts at all.

  • You lie down, and your therapist trims and shaves off the hair at wherever you’re doing the treatment. If it’s a Brazilian, then it’s down under. It can’t be done with your thick bush there because the light won’t penetrate through. Okay step one didn’t hurt, it’s just a bit of shaving. All good!
  • Glasses go on your eyes even though you don’t look at the laser directly, but it’s for safety reasons. Painless!
  • Next step, is that a very very very cold gel goes onto your area to protect it from the intense light. I have to say, this was the only uncomfortable bit, and the level of discomfort is about very mild to mild. Medium maybe for most. But that’s it. A cold gel on your nether regions. Not painful at all!
  • The therapist will then use the PowerPac device which uses AFT and rolls it over and over the targeted area, making sure that it’s doing its bit in destroying every bit of hair from its follicle. No pain at all, no ant-biting, nothing. Just a massage sensation and that’s it.
  • Once she’s done all the bits that needs to be targeted, she’s done. She cleans you up and you’re on your way. All in about 30 minutes!

Image: Courtesy of STRIP

This was not me, but a general gist of how you’ll look like during the treatment. All smiley.

Now you’re probably wondering what the process is after the AFT and what happens with your hair after it’s been zapped. Well, it’s not immediately bare and hairless, and hair somewhat does grow after a while but they fall off.

Since I couldn’t take pictures for reference (seeing as this was a Brazilian, I would most likely lose my job), I took the liberty to observe the hair dropping phases and drew them out so that you’d know what to expect. Scroll through!

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Week 1:

You’ll notice stubble all over as per normal, and there’s a bit of itching as hair is growing. This is normal. Just ignore it and leave it alone.

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