All The Reasons We Need Dyson Airwrap In Our Lives

Vanity Air! #TeamCLEO wraps their heads around this latest beauty innovation.

Give. Us. ALL the AirWrap!

Ahh, traditional hair styling — often and actually, always plagued with thoughts of pain, too much time, and the random “Did I turn off my curler?!” panic attack you have in the middle of traffic; which is then followed by the agonising trip back home to find that you did indeed turn off your styling iron. (EVERY. TIME.)

Oh, and the times we’ve cringed watching videos of people getting hair burned off by a rogue hair straightener, and the countless burns we’ve earned on the inside of our arms or back of our necks thanks to a too-hot curling tong. But wait! There is a hair-volutionary new styler on the block and it will save you from all these nightmares and more.

Pls just get into our lives already

When Dyson unveiled the Airwrap, it caused a whirlwind in the beauty community. For one, it uses air to style, not just high heat (thanks to the Coanda effect, which we will get into) which means it doesn’t damage your hair cuticles (and thus, your hair) and the way it functions means that you’ll never have to worry about visualising your house is on fire due to a styler left turned on.

While it works (it really, really works!) it also addressed all the troubles we never realised we faced. At the regional launch in Bangkok, Thailand, #TeamCLEO discovered the tech of the Airwrap, and got to wrap our head around how Dyson could take the beauty world by storm – and no questions were left up in the air thanks to Dyson Designer Engineer, Veronica Alanis.


Editor, Lina Esa (left) spoke to Veronica Alanis, Dyson Designer Engineer during the regional launch in Bangkok, Thailand



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1: First Off, No Heat Damage Is Done To Your Hair

Dyson knew that heat damage was a major concern for… Everyone! “Straight away, we knew heat damage was the main causes of concern for people,” Veronica said. Just like the Supersonic, the Airwrap has a computer-controlled thermistor, and will never go over 150 degrees.

A bonus is the shine that’s imparted to the hair. “If you have better control of the air flow it will keep the hair cuticles down,” she said.

The magic effect that makes the hair stick to the barrels for it to get styled? It’s called the Coanda effect, and is powered by Dyson’s proprietary V9 motor. Air flows at a specific angle and speed, it attracts and wraps hair to the barrel, and heat (not very high heat) makes sure your hair is styled how you want it. You can choose from three different heat settings.

Have a peek at the Coanda effect, and how the Dyson Airwrap works here — shot while we were on location.

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