Beauty Breakdown: B&B Labs Customask and Mask Amplifier

While it might have been rough at first, staying at home and self-isolating has also been a blessing in different ways for your beauty regime.

You suddenly have time that you never had because you used to spend it in traffic. And because you’re probably not going out as much so you’re not exposed to as much UV (ok I take that back, you probably are still exposed to it from indoors tho bb so be careful), and not wearing as much makeup and taking it all off, exposing yourself to all sorts of chemicals and minerals and whatnot.

It cuts both ways, though. Being at home means you’re probably neglecting your skincare regimen because let’s face it — where are you going lol? For someone like me who tends to not wear makeup on the daily, my skin has been living its best life every day because it gets to breathe and chillax, but I did notice that I could still benefit from some love and tough love (and the magical hands of my facial lady whom I miss a lot and send longing messages to).

There was dullness (lots of it) because of a sleep pattern thrown off-kilter thanks to lockdown life basically spiralling out all ways. Throw in some oil seeds and uneven looking skin also — courtesy of a medley of quarantine meltdowns and time not really making sense anymore. (Do I still use night creams? But I stay up all night and sleep all — oh, okay.)

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So when a B&B Labs Customask review came up I was of course all okay for it. For one, what else could remedy this strange combination of skin concerns? Because a custom mask makes! So much! Sense! I mean, you wouldn’t go to a store that offers just three different items to buy a whole outfit, right?

I did their online questionnaire to figure out which mask I was. I was M2.

It’s meant for strenghthening, pigment control and brightening. On the website it starts with “Not getting enough rest? Are you often told to get some sleep without ever telling anyone you’re tired? That’s probably because your skin is saying it all for you. Not getting enough sleep causes a decrease in the skin’s moisture and pH levels, which in turn causes skin to look dull and aged.” <– This is basically my life and skin summed up, k.

So, I was ready. I needed that B3:Bright Milk Activated Concentrate, and niacinamide, or the active form of Vitamin B3, works as a skin-smoothing and lightening agent.

They also sent a mask amplifier which is meant to increase absorption and get you looking 100% in no time. We’ll see.

Honestly review time: The best part was the way the mask hugged the face and it was so, so nice to take some time out for self-care. It tingled, which meant it was working, but I’m not so sure if the amplifier did much though, because I didn’t feel like I could feel anything. And as someone who is personally trying to reduce waste/unnecessary items, I found that it felt superfluous and didn’t add much to the process.

But my skin did look glowy right after, and a few days down the line it feels much smoother. Would I repurchase? I would have to see after trying out a few more.

The masks are RM175 for a pack of 7 and RM30 for one sheet.