Beauty Breakdown: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Fusion Liquid Lip Colours

Chanel is offering a sophisticated wardrobe of 12 shades of the Rouge Allure Ink

If you have to know, one of the greatest things about working in the media is of course the latest beauty drops. And whenever a Chanel press kit comes to our desks with the latest to love, it’s hard not to get just that little bit excited. This time around, we were sent the Rouge Allure Ink Fusion which was a liquid lip colour better than anything we’ve ever imagined.


Surprises come in pretty packages!

Quite a big statement, right?

Sure the beauty world is literally all about lipsticks, lip launches and matte is all the rage. But imagine a matte liquid lip product that literally ticks all the boxes – no compromises anywhere. Sounds bold!

10 shades, 2 limited editions

We swatched the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Fusion in some of our favourite shades colours and here are some of our findings.

We received six shades to play with

The colour … Classic shades are revamped and reimagined in this frosted little glass tube with a matte black cap. You have 12 of the most gorgeous colours that’s varied and explores every facet of expression. From classic reds to mauvy nudes and soft beiges for any mood.

The comfort … It’s velvety soft, smooth, and yet still an intense matte that will turn heads. It’s soft on lips and has a creamy texture.

Meet matte … But done right. It’s a matte finish but with infallible hold and no dryness at all. Simply divine.

From L-R: 824 Berry, 812 Rose-Rouge, Mauvy Nude 804, Signature 222 (Rouge Allure Ink), True Red 818, Beige Naturel 802

The pay-off … Its fluid texture is lip-fusing and glides onto lips so silkily you’ll fall in love. But the best part is its intensity – vibrant and deep, thanks to its high concentration of ultra-fine pigments.

The wear … The formula is also waterproof but it also perfectly adapts to the natural movements of the lips for an even finish and a hold for eight hours.  Lasts all night!

But enough about all that. Take a peek at our swatching video and see for yourself!