Beauty Breakdown: Foreo UFO And How To Use It

It’s out of this world! The Foreo UFO is RM1,251

Tech it out: beauty is evolving at a rate that’s never been experienced before. In the past, the #TeamCLEO’s Beauty desk would be filled with what used to be the usual: creams to slather, serums to soak in and cleansers to slough away the day. A sheet mask (here and there) to scare your neighbours, a clay mask to absorb and mattify, and an overnight mask to nourish.

Then it’s suddenly skincare with crystals in it, jade rollers making a #comeback, and light therapy that tames your acne woes. On that note, Foreo is no stranger to tech or innovation in the beauty world. We just love the Foreo Luna Mini 2 (it’s award-winning) for it being so nifty, easy to use, and #legit when it comes to transforming our skin.

Enter the FOREO UFO and you’re probably wondering what on earth (or anywhere in the Universe) is this device — it’s actually a mini masking device that combines the powers of tech with skincare benefits of masks.

There are different mini masks (left) to choose from which you insert into the UFO (right)

In a nutshell, the masks are attached to the UFO, paired with your phone, and the UFO then uses the presets that are associated with that particular mask to carry out a 90-sec routine with directions on where to move your UFO. The device powers up and will use T-sonic pulsations, heating, cooling and UV-free phototherapy LED light treatment to make sure skincare penetration at its optimum.

If you still can’t figure it out yet, here is our very quick step-by-step for you to click onto and watch.

Choose from a range of masks formulated with Korean skincare, or a range of concerns:

Make My Day, Call It A Night, Matte Maniac, Shimmer Freak, H2Overdose, Glow Addict and Youth Junkie.

If you ever thought that your sheet masks might fall obsolete, this may be the time. It’s rechargeable and waterproof (thanks to the scientific-grade silicone), and each charge lasts for ages. Fast and furious, it’s brilliant to bring with you to travel (it’s tiny! The masks are little!) it also does the job of an overnight mask, in just 90 seconds.

While the initial investment might seem hefty (yes, it’s a RM1,251 price tag) it may save you from monthly facial visits — and your regular masks don’t come with super-tech pulsations that make it worthy in the long run.