Beauty Breakdown: Forget The KiraKira+ App, Fenty Beauty’s Holiday Collection Is Here

If you have not heard, Riri has dropped a Holiday Collection for her Fenty Beauty line, yaaaaas! After the success of her cosmetic line launch, Rihanna has once again wow-ed us all with the recent launch of her Holiday Collection. From a super sparkly eyeshadow palette to out of this world cosmic glosses, Fenty Beauty is quickly becoming one of our favourites.

#teamCLEO was fortunate enough to receive the collection before it hit Sephora outlets and their online store. So naturally we couldn’t wait to start swatching and playing around the goods. Do note that this is a limited edition collection so hurry and get your hands on them!

Here are our thoughts on the line:

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Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

FENTY BEAUTY Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition), RM240.

First off, I need to address how gorgeous the packaging is! With a galaxy (duh!) and futuristic look, this palette is just pretty to look at.

The eyeshadow itself was really pigmented and super duper sparkly. However, there were some colours that came off a little chunky but my suggestion would be to just be gentle with them and there shouldn’t be a problem.

There is a nice range of colours to match your mood or your outfit. The only teeny tiny boo boo that I had with the palette was the fall-out. After applying it on my lid (with 2 primers), I realised that the glitter would end up all over my face by mid day.

A good look honestly if you like having glitter all over your face, no judgement because I’m sure a lot of people do like that. It’s perfect for parties and when you’re just feeling extra on that day.

Ignore the oily forehead and cheeks please!

Here are the swatches:

Tested out by Web Writer, Meghan Angelica Paul.

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