Beauty Breakdown: Laneige Delights, Pop! Holiday Collection

It seems like Christmas has come early this year, because Laneige has all the gifts ready for you! Drawing inspiration from sparklers, fireworks and all things glitter, the ‘Delights, Pop!’ holiday collection will add a festive touch to your makeup collection.


The collection has new, limited-edition items including new colours of the Two-Tone Tint Lip Bar, a new eyeshadow quad and a new cushion blusher. On top of that, there are a ton of gift sets and minis to choose from – no excuse for not gifting this year!

So whether you’re looking to treat yourself, or use this as a gifting option, #TeamCLEO has got your back (as always) – so we tried and tested out some of these products to give you our honest thoughts. Read on to find out what we think!

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Lip Sleeping Mask AND Holiday Two-Tone Tint Lip Bar

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Grapefruit, RM75

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – the only risk I take when it comes to make-up is with lip colours. It’s important to me to have lips that are plump and hydrated to take on the most matte lipsticks of them all, and trust me – the search for the ultimate lip balm has been ongoing since high school… and I think I found my holy grail in the Lip Sleeping Mask.

Designed to be worn overnight, the Lip Sleeping Mask promises that you’ll wake up to smoother and plumper lips. Well, they kept to their promise! Just after a night’s application, I woke up to lips so soft I wanted to kiss myself.

See–smooth and plump lips! (Please look away from my nostrils)

Then I went to the office the next day and raved about it to Meghan and Fika (both fans of the Lip Sleeping Mask, too) and they welcomed me to the fan club.

The Grapefruit scent/flavour though — it’s out of this world. My first reaction when I took a whiff was: I want to eat it. This has definitely been a top-shelf for me since the first time I tried it.

Laneige Holiday Two-Tone Lip Bar in No.2 Crush Pop Black Rose, RM85

We’re no stranger to Laneige’s Two-Tone Lip Bar which sold like hot cakes when it was first launched. For those who are fans of the I-just-ate-a-lollipop ombre lip look à la K-Beauty, this product helps you cheat your way through the meticulous blending and concealing. See below for proof:

Achieved in just two swipes!

For those who aren’t a fan of this, no worries. Turn the lip bar around and work another layer with the darker shade on the outer lip line. Or simply blend the colour out with your fingers. And you’ll get a single shade like this:

The perfect holiday lip colour.

Personally, I prefer dark lips so I’d definitely be rocking the cherry lip this holiday season!

The. End.

*Tested by Melanie Chow, Web Writer.

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