Beauty Breakdown: Malaysian Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Lipsticks out, liquid matte lipsticks IN.

The beauty trend that has stuck with us (or more accurately, me) for awhile now. What can I say? The long lasting, vibrant colours and matte finishing got me. We’re all obsessed with the likes of the Kylie Lip Kit, Huda Beauty and ColourPop – but did you know that we’ve got some homegrown makeup brands that actually may be *gulp* better than the international ones we’ve come to know?

You would’ve probably seen these brands floating around your Instagram timeline but I’m here to give you guys the #BeautyBreakdown of these Malaysian-made liquid lipsticks that you HAVE to try: 

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Nita Cosmetics

Nita Cosmetics launched their Traditional Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection that brought the brand into the spotlight. With 5 vibrant, colourful shades and ADORABLE names (SAREE, SONGKET, KURUNG, KEBAYA, and CHEONGSAM), as a Malaysian lady, it was hard to resist to get my hands on one. And better yet? They’re hypoallergenic and cruelty free!

Each shade from the Traditional Matte Liquid Lipstick collection is RM69!

I tried out the colour ‘Songket‘ for a day (without touch-ups) and this is how long it lasted:


Who am I giving an imaginary high-five to? I have no idea.

Make-up ready for the day! I took full use of the prime lighting right before leaving for work.

Wearing the shade ‘Songket‘, I was surprised to how much more pink it was it comparison to the photo. It turned out to be just slightly more pink that I had imagined but still maintained a nude-ish pink shade which is great. It was so easy to glide on and fill in. Now, the test to see how long it lasts shall begin!


Excuse my face. This is my just-got-out-of-a-long-meeting-need-some-fresh-air face.

Running from meetings to meetings, the lipstick has stayed on even after 2 cups of coffee. The texture? Still smooth as ever!


Today has been the longest day but nearly there! I haven’t touched up once throughout the whole day and it’s still there! I’ve only applied lip balm to my lips to make sure my lips don’t crack!


I’m ready to go home. The afternoon sun is hitting me, my face is oily, I smell like… God knows what. I’ve realized that the lipstick has faded just a little bit but not too much where it looks like I’ve gone full blown ‘cholo’.

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