Beauty Breakdown: Sothys Ampoules

Here at #TeamCLEO, we’d try almost anything in the quest for improved complexions and to let you in on what really works and what doesn’t. This time, we got our hands on Sothys Ampoules to help brighten, moisturise, protect and soothe our skin.

Think of ampoules as serums 2.0. They usually come in smaller bottles or capsules and contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients. Most ampoules, like the ones by Sothys, are targeted treatments so you can select them based on exactly what your skin needs at any given time. Sothys Ampoules are sold in packs of seven, each capsule to be used day and night. Generally, ampoules are to be used prior to serum and moisturiser so your skin can directly absorb the all the nourishing ingredients.

Read on to see how we fared with these ampoules!

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Skin concerns: Dullness, pigmentation, lines

Skin type: Combination – Dry

Verdict: “I used to be a huge fan of ampoules back in 2005 when I tried them in Australia and I had bad skin. I felt they really helped because they’re in single, mini doses so the ingredients’ effectiveness are preserved (right?). One flaw: They use a lot of plastic so it feels very wasteful. I would prefer or suggest glass ampoules (they’re a little bit more “dangerous” to break open but take less of a toll on the environment).

On to these ampoules — I liked them. I applied morning and night and I loved the light texture and best of all, I really felt a difference. I usually get little whiteheads, dull skin or oil seeds with a sleep-deprived and screen-facing schedule, but with these, my skin was soft, smooth and clear. It’s crazy but it’s like I had my best skin ever when I paired it with the Laneige Morning Mask and then put on my make-up. And since I’m in my early (AHEM) thirties, anti-ageing is definitely a concern of mine, so I want early forties-me to be thankful I took care of my skin.”

— Lina, Editor

Sothys Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules, RM196

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