Beauty Breakdown: TWO LIPS, Skincare For The Vulva

You heard that right. For so long we’ve been caring for the skin on our face and all over the body, little did we know that we were overlooking a very important part — our vulva. (Does it feel strange seeing that word? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal but we have to acknowledge that it’s just a body part and there’s nothing to be afraid, shy or ashamed of.)

And this is not the same as using chemicals on your vagina, which is not recommended as your vagina is self-cleansing. Two different parts and two different things. (Crash course: Your vulva is the skin on the outer part of your intimate area, where your hair grows. The vagina is the part that’s within that, with no hair.)

So when we heard that the vulva care brand TWO L(I)PS had landed in Malaysia (the owner also owns STRIP: Ministry of Waxing, so she knows her stuff!), we were instantly taken by the packaging, the message, and the idea to break the stigma that’s often associated with our nether regions. Well, now it’s the time to normalise caring for our vulvas, and speaking about our vulvas, and saying the word vulva.

There, we did it!

Because there are so many products ranging from a de-bumping cream to a mask, #TeamCLEO took it upon ourselves to each try one product and report back. Here’s the whole range and what we have to say about each of the products.

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Lina Esa, Editor tried: TWO L(I)PS Blackout 

What’s it all about?

This is the world’s first-ever activated charcoal mask for your vulva. Packed with organic botanical ingredients (and it’s designed to look like lacy underwear when you put it on), it’s meant to detox, soothe, brighten and hydrate. Expect lady bits to look clean and refreshed after.

How do you use it?

Well, this looks a little confusing but it’s actually so easy to use. All you have to do is de-robe, lie down and place the mask on the lower part of your belly, and the two “flaps” go downwards to cover your inner thighs/vulva. It’s designed to look lacy and sexy which is kinda cute, but that little bit bougie that makes you want to kick back with a matcha tea, a good book or a saucy Netflix show while your “sister” gets a little self-care.

What were the effects/outcome?

Because this is meant to be used after a Brazilian/hair removal/AFT treatment/any of the sort, I used this after my AFT treatment and I have to say, that my skin was truly transformed. The hairless skin was all soft, smooth, bouncy and even seemed a little rejuvenated. I felt so cute; I really was just ~~feeling myself~~!

Would I use it again?

I definitely loved the soft, plumpness and baby-smoothness that the combination of the AFT and the Blackout mask gave my cooch. (Can I say cooch? Will I lose my job?) On balance though, I would definitely recommend this to people in relationships. Not that single ladies don’t deserve the same self-love and self-care (and sure, we all deserve to enjoy our bodies/get rid of hair if we choose too/mask our vulva if we choose to) but as someone who is not in a relationship, the price for the masks vs the outcome felt a little like where you dress up to the nines and have nowhere to go. :-\

If a girl masks her vulva and no one is around to see it, was it even actually masked?” 

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