Beauty Breakdown: TWO LIPS, Skincare For The Vulva

You heard that right. For so long we've been caring for the skin on our face and all over the body, little did we know that we were overlooking a very important part -- our vulva. (Does it feel strange seeing that word? Don't worry, it's completely normal but we have to acknowledge that it's just a body part and there's nothing to be afraid, shy or ashamed of.)

And this is not the same as using chemicals on your vagina, which is not recommended as your vagina is self-cleansing. Two different parts and two different things. (Crash course: Your vulva is the skin on the outer part of your intimate area, where your hair grows. The vagina is the part that's within that, with no hair.)

So when we heard that the vulva care brand TWO L(I)PS had landed in Malaysia (the owner also owns STRIP: Ministry of Waxing, so she knows her stuff!), we were instantly taken by the packaging, the message, and the idea to break the stigma that's often associated with our nether regions. Well, now it's the time to normalise caring for our vulvas, and speaking about our vulvas, and saying the word vulva.

There, we did it!

Because there are so many products ranging from a de-bumping cream to a mask, #TeamCLEO took it upon ourselves to each try one product and report back. Here's the whole range and what we have to say about each of the products.

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keisha ryman, graphic designer tried: Two l(i)ps bumpps sebum-control serum

What’s it about?

Just like the name suggest, it’s a sebum-control serum that works to target surface-level folliculitis to fight inflammation, so skin looks clean and clear. It contains arrowroot and chamomile extracts, as well as tea tree leaf oil. Guess what, we were told that this can also be used on your face to control oily T-zones. Double duty!

How do you use it?

I have trouble with bumps on my bikini line, so i normally would exfoliate first then apply the serum on it. I put a few drops on the palm of my hands and gently pat it onto my skin. After a few minutes, the serum dries up and it doesn’t really leave any sticky residue which is a bonus from me.

What were the effects/outcome?

The serum works like magic, it reduces the bumps and the redness on my bikini line. The only thing that I would change is the smell, but overall it’s a good product.

Would I use it again?

My goal is to get rid of those pesky bumps that is holding me back from striding in a bikini without feeling self conscious. So yes, I would definitely use this again!

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