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The Beauty Of Multi-Masking

If you haven’t heard about the multi-masking trend, it’s about time you did and gave it a go. Multi-masking is the most efficient way of giving yourself a facial by applying different masks on the different areas of your face to tackle the various problems. Got a dry nose? Use a hydrating mask. Always breaking out on your cheeks? Apply a detoxing mask.

The beauty of multi-masking is that you can customize your own concoction of masks to treat combination skin or specific spots that are more prone to flare-ups. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse for you to keep 2 or more masks in your beauty rotation!

Need a quick pick-me-up Detox for your skin? Just 10 minutes with the new L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask leaves skin smoother, softer and cleaner. Made with natural ingredients, and creamy pure clay, this range of 4 masks deliver super-charged action right down to the pores.

If you’re somebody who has different skin types on different parts of your skin – mix and match the Pure Clay mask to get the results you want. Apply the mask on specific areas of concern and watch your skin transform in just 10 minutes.




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This illuminating mask contains British Kaolin Clay and Lemongrass Extract that will gently exfoliate your skin leaving behind a radiant and even complexion. Ideal for a quick glow boost!

Where to try application: dull cheeks

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