Beauty Steals: Liese Creamy Bubble Color

Cream Up! Colouring hair has never been simpler. Do it, cream style!

Liese Creamy Bubble Colour. Watsons, RM40.50

Bright vivids 

No surprises why this product is a fan fave – this creaming bubble hair colour has made dyeing hair at home an effortless affair coupled with long-lasting results in an easy 30 minutes with no damage to hair.

Get in foam-ation 

An advanced formula of royal jelly and hydrolysed silk holds 4x colour penetration for even coverage, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting hair colour. The best part? No stains on skin or clothes during your hair transformation!

Salon Quality

A gorgeous mane with amazing colour that feels great to the touch, as hair is moisturised and glossy even after several washes.