BeautyBreakdown: Sand And Sky Mask

Unless you’ve been off the grid or AWOL, you’ve most definitely heard and see this mask. Popping up on Facebook and Instagram, this famous mask has made its round on the social media platforms. Granted it’s been a few months since the Sand and Sky Mask first came out; I have only just gone around to purchase it.

What is this mask you might be wondering? Well, it’s the Australian Pink Clay Sand and Sky Mask. It claims to be pore refining, deep cleaning, detoxifying and restorative. Plus side, they don’t test on animals! The main and most important ingredient in this bad boy is Kaolin, Australian pink clay, which is said to absorb all the dirt and toxins, draw out all the impurities while refining and tightening your pores. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, if you’ve been on the fence about dropping some serious Ringgit on it, I tested it out for you.

Easter came and as luck would have it, Sand and Sky was having a 20% discount so I called up a girlfriend and we bought the best friend bundle together. Shipping was definitely faster than I had expected as it arrived to my hands in about 7 days.

You would not believe how I excited I was to go home and try it out! With all that it claims to get rid of, I had my hopes high.

To give you a little background on my skin type; I have acne-prone, combination skin. I have severe rosacea on my cheeks and certain parts of my face are extremely sensitive. Now I have had my fair share of masks. Having tried other clay masks to suck out all of my impurities however nothing worked. I took a chance on this Australian pink clay mask and this is what happened.

The tub is actually a lot smaller than I expected (especially for the price I paid) but bonus, it comes with a little brush. This mask has a rather peculiar smell but I don’t think it’s good or bad. When you’re applying the mask, work fast! This baby dries down super quick and you want to be able to spread it out evenly.

So pink, I love it!

Instructions say to leave it on for 10 minutes but I left it on until the pink colour turned almost white – which signifies that it has completely dried down. Holy moly when it dries, it is so hard! I could barely move my face much less talk to anyone.

It was so hard, I couldn’t even smile 🙁

After it has completely dried down, I used warm water to wash off the mask. Surprisingly, it came off really easily. I am not gonna lie, I was hoping to have skin like Miranda Kerr when I was done but I wasn’t blessed enough. Although my pores and blackheads was still clearly visible (yeah Meghan, you only used it once) I was really happy to see that my cheeks were less red and my skin felt super soft.

Don’t mind the pimples nyehh

It is advised that users only apply the mask three times a week or less, depending how oily or dry your skin is.

This mask retails for $49 (approx. RM192) for an individual tub or $78.40 (approx. RM308) for the besties kit. On the plus side, you get free shipping.

Would I recommend this to family and friends? Honestly, no. If you’re not someone who is super particular about your masks, go for a more affordable option that we can get in Malaysia like:

Origins Retexturising Mask With Rose Clay, Available at Sephora

As for me, I am gonna keep using this bad boy and hope that my skin turns out like Miranda Kerr’s. *fingers crossed*