The Best Moisturisers For Humid Weather

Swearing off make-up during hot summer days is something we can all relate to. Nobody wants to be stuck in a sticky situation where foundation is literally melting off the skin. Layer by layer, clogged pores is a big no-no! Agitated skin can lead to redness and become more acne-prone.

The “I-Woke-Up-Like-This” complexion in humid climates like Malaysia doesn’t happen often in comparison to countries that experience the four seasons. No matter what kind of activities you’ve planned for the day, moisture loss can result in dull and tired looking skin.

Sticking by a beauty regime that is custom-fit to your personal needs can beat all sorts of weather conditions. Hydration plays a major role in keeping the skin looking its best. Try giving the skin an extra boost of moisture to help resist dehydration better despite drastic shifts in humidity.

Barefaced or as make-up prep, take your pick among the best moisturisers:

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Dewy glow

Supercharge dryness with a quick-absorbing solution and strut an all day dewy look thanks to the power combo of aloe water and natural hyaluronic acid. Moisture Surge™ Extended Thirst Relief is oil-free and light as a feather. The only way to explain the texture is to pin it in between gel and cream.

Clinique Moisture Surge™ Extended Thirst Relief, RM174.

“I love the effect on my skin after application as it leaves on a dewy and healthy glow that keeps my skin looking youthful all day long! Also, having sensitive skin makes it hard to find a suitable moisturiser but this is an exception. I love how gentle it feels upon application. The colour of the moisturiser is an absolute beaut!

— gan sher rhie, 21

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