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Confession: blushes take at least 70% of my beauty drawer real estate. You can tell me that highlighters are having a huge moment and contouring will make me look like I’ve lost 10 pounds but I’ll always remain true to the good ‘ol blush, come hell or high water.

Next to lipstick, I find blush to be the easiest, quickest way to liven up the face. And despite what tutorials might have you believe, blush is extremely easy to apply.

For a powder formula, take a fluffy brush with medium-dense bristles (I like the Real Techniques Blush Brush), suck in your cheeks and sweep the blush outwards and upwards. Personally, I also do a very, very light dusting of blush in the middle of my face for a slightly sunburnt/just-ran-10KM look.

For cream textures (and boy, do I love a cream blush), dab a flat foundation brush gently on the pan. Make a fish face and tap the brush on the fattest part of your cheeks. Blend, blend, blend with a buffing brush. You can also replace the flat foundation brush with your ring finger.

Whichever formula and method you prefer, they key here is to let your blush look as diffused as possible. Think flush of colour, rather than a pop. Legendary make-up artist Troy Suratt recommends starting the blush a finger away from your under eyes and nose bridge. It’ll leave you looking fresh, healthy and much more alive (regardless of what you’re actually feeling).

Now that you know how to blush, the fun can really begin. Experiment with various shades and build yourself a blush wardrobe. When in a pinch, your lip colour doubles as a cream blush too. A monochrome look is always effortlessly chic.

Check out the two major blush trends to come out of Spring/Summer 2019 and my top tried-and-tested blush picks below. Get blushing!

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’90s bawse lady: moschino


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Lead make-up artist Tom Pecheux gave opted for a terracotta blush to chisel and contour cheekbones to perfection. Matching brown lipstick and powerful arches lend to the 90s vibe. 

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