Best Acne-Be-Gone Facial: Body Perfect Acne Essential Purifying Facial Treatment


Beauty Star Awards 2016 Winner

Best Acne- Be-Gone Facial
Body Perfect Acne Essential Purifying
Facial Treatment, RM520 (135 min).


Bust The Grime

Highly recommended for anyone who deals with congested skin and impurities such as blackheads, whiteheads and more, this facial treatment utilises an intensive deep-cleansing technique which eliminates excess oil and improves your skin microcirculation.

This unique facial will banish bacteria, control your skin sebum production, repair skin damage, reduce skin redness, improve skin cell vitality, lighten existing acne scars, refine pores, improve your overall radiance, and more. Book your first session now to get your skin looking tip-top, or go for more to keep breakouts at bay. Now you can flaunt a beautiful clear complexion for years to come!

Contemporary Beauty Haven

Nothing but the best in professional beauty care is yours at Body Perfect. Combining natural resources with state-of-the-art know-how, its advanced technology is ISO certified with the FDA stamp of approval, and is patented and endorsed by leading dermatologists in the USA, Europe and Japan. Visit Body Perfect at The Intermark (03-2161 8882), Mid Valley City (03-2938 8883/03-2287 8883) and Sunway Pyramid (03-5636 8882). For more information, visit

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