Burning Candles: A How-To Guide

If I had to list down my top five favourite things, candles would be on it. I love smelling them just as much as I love the thrill of finding a beautiful scent (there are only so many vanillas one can have). But I’ve never properly given much thought as to how I was burning them.

I’ve always been one to flick a lighter, light the candle, and in the words of The Beatles – let it be. Turns out, there are better, more efficient ways to light candles as I discovered straight from Ken Lim of Kens Apothecary at the launch of Diptyque’s new limited edition Rose Delight candle. Rose Delight smells luxuriously of fragrant rose, sweet honey and a touch of lemon to balance the saccharine, all wrapped in a darling pink jar illustrated by French designer, Leslie David. TL;DR, it’s the most gorgeous candle I’ve ever seen/smelled! Its a candle one should treasure like precious cargo. On that note, here are four ways to ensure your candles burn better, for longer.

Ken’s Candle Burning Tips:

1 Watch The First Burn

To prevent the wax from settling into an uneven pool (known as tunneling), make sure your first burn lasts long enough for the entire candle surface to melt. Depending on the candle’s size, it could take about 2-3 hours. If you’re rushing out, try a room spray instead. A candle’s first burn is extremely important.

2 Trim Your Wicks

See those dark, sooty edges around the rim of your candle jars? Avoid them by keeping the candle wick neatly trimmed to 3-5mm. Scissors will work just fine, but it’s a great idea to invest in a wick trimmer too for when the wick gets too hard to reach.

3 Stop Blowing Candles

I’ll confess, half the time my house smells like there’s something burning in it thanks to my candle-blowing habits. Counter-productive, really, considering I’ve spent half the day lighting candles to make it all scented.  Learn from my mistakes and get yourself a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame and keep your home smelling lovely.

4 Put A Lid On It

Preserve the scent of your candle by covering it with a lid. It’ll also prevent any dust from settling onto the wax.

Now that you’re a candle-burning expert, check out some gorgeous scented candles that’s just begging to be lit. We’ve got Diptyque’s Rose Delight on our Valentine’s Day wishlist. Hint hint!

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