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Casting Call For Dove’s Next #IAmRealBeauty Campaign

Dove is in search for real Malaysian beauty for its signature #IAmRealBeauty campaign in spirit of Merdeka day!

What better way to celebrate our country’s 60 years of independence than to highlight the diversity that truly defines Malaysia? If our country had a profile picture, you’d probably see large eyes, a small nose and mouth, light complexions, and v-shaped jaw. But with one of most diverse populations in Asia, this standard of beauty is incredibly narrow and does not represent the rich diversity that makes Malaysia so special.

Dove want to change this and we’re excited about it!

Every skin type of every colour at every age, participate by posting your picture on instagram with the hashtag #IAmRealBeauty from 21st August to 1st October 2017. Stand a chance to be featured in Dove’s next real beauty campaign! Make sure your profile’s public so they’ll be able to track you down.

More info on their website.

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