Celebrity Hairstylist Jen Atkin On Her Best Hair Tips

Celebrity hairstylist and the founder of Ouai Haircare, Jen Atkin is known in Hollywood for breaking down elaborate red carpet hairstyles into simple steps on the ‘gram.

From crowd sourcing through polls and teaching real girls how to style their own hair, Jen spoke to #teamCLEO at a recent interview in Singapore about Ouai’s moodboard (inspired by her clienteles like Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, no less!), as well as important advice about everyday hair woes.

Scroll through the bottom page for staple products from Ouai to keep your strands shiny and never greasy with Jen’s daily essentials. This is the way to a great hair year!

Jen Atkin fixing her bangs at the Ouai event at COMO Cuisine in Singapore.

Jen Atkin and the Ouai team.

What’s your creative process and how do you stay inspired?

I’m crazy about mood boards! Back at our main office, we have a hall of what is essentially a moodboard covered with my clients like Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid. I just love their confidence and I think that all Ouai girls stand for that. Instagram is also a fun way to explore, my clients and I will DM each other pictures while scrolling through our feeds. I love that inspirations are all over now.

How do we deal with baby hair?

Baby hair is the worst! My biggest tip is to spray a toothbrush with our medium hairspray and then tame your baby hair with the fine brush head – you can just get in on the details and really get it done.

What do you wish people would stop doing to their hair?

Cutting it themselves, and not experimenting with different looks. I try to encourage my clients is to change up their look and try something new. Whether if it’s a fringe or cutting a lob or even just adding in extensions.

How can we keep our hair looking its best in humid weather?

We launched a “memory mist” spray recently,  which will be available here in the region in February. It’s a heat activated product to use with your hot tools so just spray it onto your hair, use a flat iron and you will wake up the next day with smooth, silky and straight hair.

Which is your favourite multi-use product from the Ouai range?

Definitely the rose hair body oil. It’s silicone-free and just makes you feel like you’re on vacation all year long.

Hair trends you’ve seen in 2017 and the ones you’re looking forward to see in 2018.

I’d say we’ve seen a lot of the lob, pastel colours and long silky black hair have been all over in 2017. If you can’t grow it you can always buy it. And then the trends I’m excited to see are little cute bangs a la Jane Birkin and for ombre to still be around. Natural looking highlights, there’s nothing better.

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