Clear Micellar Scalp Therapy Series — The Ultimate Shampoo For Grime And Dandruff!

We’ve heard a lot of good things about Clear’s new Micellar Scalp Therapy series when it first launched in Taiwan and China. Now that it has made its way to Malaysia, we simply knew we had to check it out!

Living in a tropical country is the DREAM but at the same time the climate can drive us cray cray with the number of times we have to wash our hair to keep it fresh. Not gonna lie, we’ve been guilty of cancelling dinner plans because we’re too lazy to go through all that hassle! But Clear’s new range is turning things around. Their scalp therapy shampoo and conditioners help purify your scalp and keep grime and dirt away, like how you can blot away sebum from your skin. Here’s how it works:

Clear's Micellar Scalp Therapy shampoos target straight at the scalp, directly getting to the root of all your hair problems!

A pump of Clear Micellar Scalp Therapy a day keeps the hair woes at bay. - Image: Courtesy of Clear

Micellar Technology

Most of us would think that washing away the oil from our strands can curb greasy hair. We’ll tell you now that it’s impossible because all that sebum actually comes from your scalp. The pores overproduce sebum when there’s a change in your hormones or diet, and also to compensate the dryness of your scalp caused by clogged pores. Thank goodness for Clear’s scalp therapy shampoo and conditioners that are infused with Micellar top-notch technology, the super-tiny micelles which love both oil and water can effectively plug out dirt that is stuck deep within your scalp's pores and purify the scalp! 

Clear's micellar scalp therapy shampoos are infused with micellar formula and their top-notch anti-dandruff technology!

Take a look how well the Micellar Scalp Therapy shampoo (left) disperses the oil droplets efficiently compared to normal shampoo Brand X (right), the residue can now be removed easily when rinsed with water whereas the oil droplets on Brand X are still in tact and difficult to break. - Image: courtesy of Clear

Ph level

The Micellar Scalp Therapy shampoos are gentle enough for everyday wash. We’ve done a pH test to prove this and we got a reading of about 5.5. This number is exactly what we should be looking for as the pH level is the closest to our scalp's, which scores between a 4.5 and 5.5 and is gentle for our scalp.

The pH level of the micellar scalp therapy shampoos are as close to the pH level of our scalps.

Clear's Micellar Scalp Therapy shampoo is very gentle to the scalp, boasting a pH reading of just 5! The number is as close to our scalp's pH level. - Image: courtesy of Clear

Texture & Colour

One thing we've noticed about their micellar scalp therapy shampoos is that their shampoo liquid are transparent with a slight tinge of blue. This little detail may not seem much but clear shampoos work like a trooper for oily scalps as they focus on cleansing and won’t weigh down your hair. Did we mention about how pretty is their blue geometrical bottle that looks like a crystal? We absolutely love it! 

Clear's micellar scalp therapy shampoos are clear in texture, which is what we should be looking for in oil removing shampoos.

All things blue are great! And Clear's Micellar Scalp Therapy series is one of them. - Image: courtesy of Clear

Foams up quickly

We love how a small amount of shampoo and a few rubs between our palms is all it takes to lather up. Because we love our bubbles and foam, not needing a lot of the shampoo to get a good lather means we can save a few bucks from our wallets. That’s not all! If you look closely at the foam, it is very creamy and the bubbles are actually quite intricate. The smaller they are, the better they are at clearing smaller impurities

We love a shampoo that foams up easily because they clean the scalp so much better! As you can see on the right, Clear's formula does exactly that

Clear's micellar scalp therapy shampoos foam up easily, making thorough cleansing an easy peasy job. - Image: courtesy of Clear

No silicone

The list of benefits of this range can go on FOREVER! They say good things come in small packages, so can it come in medium-sized blue bottles too. Did you know that the range consists of 0% silicone and are made with natural extracts? That’s such good music to our ears, as the very last thing we want is to pay a hefty price for hair care. Silicone acts as a smooth coating for our hair which helps our hair look smooth and shiny. However, if not cleansed properly, the leftover of silicone will weigh your hair down and it may cause build up on your scalp! With the Clear Micellar Scalp Therapy 0% silicone series, you can clear off the dirt deep inside your scalp pores without clogging your scalp, while keeping your hair feel fresh and flowy!

Clear's micellar scalp therapy shampoos not only cater to all gender needs, they are also made with 0% silicons and parabens.

Presenting the full range of products from CLEAR's Micellar Scalp Therapy Series! - Image: Courtesy of Clear

Sounds like the right series for your fussy hair condition? Browse through the slider below to see which one suits you best before running over to your nearest Watsons store to get your hands on ’em. Clear has been very thoughtful in introducing formulas that cater to different gender needs too, and you can even purchase the shampoos at Watsons online!

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Hydrating pomegranate Shampoo & Conditioner

Image: Courtesy of CLEAR

  • Suitable for normal to dry scalp and hair
  • 100% naturally sourced pomegranate shampoo
  • For ladies

The thing Malaysians struggle most with in the tropical heat is not scrambling for a place with a/c, but puffy and unmanageable hair instead. It seems voluminous alright, but in a not so ideal way. To combat the frizz, Clear’s Hydrating shampoo and conditioner are specially cut out for this. Thanks to the pomegranates in the formula, it hydrates dry scalp while smoothing out the difficult kinks and untamed knots.

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