CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame 2018: Best Nail Polish

Nothing like a hit of neon to brighten up your digits.

Most Likely To. . .

Make mundane tasks that much better. It doesn’t get any better than Bandi Ultra Polish for showstopping colours (there are 93 in total!). We can’t get enough of this gorgeous, attention-grabbing, Barbie pink!

A Real Talent

You’ll be smitten by Bandi’s glossy finish and highly pigmented colours. The nasties-free formula goes on smoothly, coating your nails with brilliant shine sans worry. For an easy DIY manicure, apply Bandi Ultra Polish Base before your fave Bandi shade and finish it off with Bandi Ultra Polish Top for extra shine. It’s like getting a gel manicure without the fuss!

Toughest Chick

Made in mind for the busy, modern girl (a.k.a all of us!), it’ll last up to 10 days with minimal maintenance and actually gets more resilient with sun exposure (#sorcery!). Time to soak up the sun and show off your gorgeous mani!

Bandi Ultra Polish in Rose Pink, RM65