CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame 2019 — Most Wanted Cleansing Tool

Getting you on the Right path to better skin

No Tricks

All you need is one minute to get healthy, glowy skin. You can get a thorough cleanse easily with the FOREO LUNA 2 which comes with a larger sized brush than its predecessor and has different touchpoints (thicker points for hard-to-reach places and thinner points for the larger cheek area).

Going Deeper

Thanks to modern technology, there are 12 adjustable pulsations intensities and a motor that is twice as powerful, exerting 8000 T-Sonic pulsations that get rid of more impurities from the pores, provide deeper cleansing and help with anti-aging but are extremely gentle on the skin.

Smooth Operator

Did you know you could get your daily face massage with this little bad boy? Just flip it to the reverse side and turn the anti-wrinkle mode on. Choose from four distinct models, combination, oily, normal or sensitive — it’s time to elevate your skincare ritual.