CLEO Beauty Star Awards 2019: Best Facial For A Lasting Glow

AsterSpring Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy, 50 minutes
RM528 (at AsterSpring Centre); RM568 (at AsterSpring Signature)

Skincare is really important no matter your age. If that means spending some $$ on skincare that works on you or your monthly trips to the facial salon. Save that extra cash and #treatyourself to this #TeamCLEO-approved treatment now. The full list of CLEO Beauty Star Awards 2019 winners can be found on our website and in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue.


going green
Not just any facial, this harnesses the power of high quality stem cells from two types of plants — the argan tree and Marrubium Vulgare, a flowering plant of the mint family from France. It starts with an exfoliating cleanser and fruit acid to stimulate cell turnover. These high quality ingredients from this treatment helps to reverse any signs of aging, naturally lifts the contours of your face targeting the inner and outer layers of your skin.

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Before the therapist works magic on extractions, the skin is softened, pores are decongested without leaving behind angry bumps. The phyto stem cell serum is then massaged in with an ultrasound machine using Ionto-Sono technology. It follows with a stem cell masque and a signature massage, then finished off with an anti-ageing booster. The glow will last for weeks!

perfect for all
We all deserve great skin. This treatment is perfect for anyone of any age — firmer and lifted contours of the face, smoother appearance of the skin overtime and also #hellohydration , up to 208% of boost in hydration in 14 days! Your skin will thank you.

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