CLEO Beauty Star Awards 2019: Best Pore-Shrinking Facial

One Doc 4 Steps Pico Facial, RM399 (first trial) for 60 minutes

With technology getting more advanced globally, the same goes for our skincare routine. There’re various types of treatments that you could go depending on your skin type and the most advanced (did we mention painless) treatment would be with the Pico Laser! Yes, laser, it’s scary and intimidating but the results are instant! Read about this #TeamCLEO-approved treatment and also check out the full list of CLEO Beauty Star Awards 2019 winners can be found on our website and in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue.

When you hear the word ‘laser’, you’ll think it hurts, but with this treatment it’s the exact opposite. PicoCare is the new and upgraded laser in beauty we never knew we needed. With a 450 picoseconds (ps) pulse duration, it’s relaxing, and it’s over before you know it!

The superior performance from this laser makes it the most powerful, non-ablative laser to treat all sorts of skin conditions like pigmentation, acne, sun spots, poor skin texture and even ageing skin. You’ll be surprised at what this machine can do with a little zap every now and then.

Unlike other Pico lasers, PicoCare 450 actually offers six different hand pieces for different therapies, and the HEXA Laser Induced Optical Breakdown being the most powerful one to effectively shatter pigment particles. You might feel slight prickles during the treatment but you will see exceptional results and improvements in your skin condition right after, such as increase in elasticity, reduced pigmentation and enlarged pores. Glow on!

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