CLEO Hot Shots And Lifestyle Coaches Share Wisdom On Finding Their Essence

The CLEO Hot Shots and Supparetreat life coaches who open up and share their wisdom on how you can find your essence and life calling

These women were inspired by Biotherm to reveal how you find your essence and the core of who you actually are, so you can springboard to even greater things. 

Concept Seema Viswanathan Project Manager and Text Lina Esa Art Direction Mils Gan Videography and Video Editing Mohamed Syafiq Sazaly, Muhammad Syazwan Bin Mohd Samsudin, Muhammad Shafiq bin Abdullah, Aizat Azam

At the CLEO Hot Shots Mini Retreat that happened in August 2019, participants were asked to focus on themselves and look within for their purpose

Hand over your heart, what do you really feel about where you are in your work and career, where you are in your relationships and how you connect with the people around you?

In a noisy world, it’s hard to find your centre. In this day and age where we’re constantly bombarded by what people are achieving, it can get intimidating. You may lose your way. You may feel demotivated when comparing your growth to someone else. You may even lose sight of what or who you are, and what it is that you want to achieve because of these distractions.

Hannah Lo (left) and Racheal Kwacz from Supparetreat were the lifestyle coaches that led the participants of the Hot Shots Mini Retreat

This year, the CLEO Hot Shots event took place as a mini women’s retreat in collaboration with the lifestyle coaches of Supparetreat. While the CLEO Hot Shots project is all about the amazing work that young women are doing, in changing, fighting and striving to better our futures and people’s lives, we knew that their works are already a celebration of their achievements. 

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Sarah Lian was also the host for the Mini Retreat

The event was designed to serve as a reminder that even when you’re always busy doing, sometimes you need to take the time to recalibrate, find your centre, clarify your purpose and gather the strength to keep going on your path. And much like the masks we need to wear physically with the make-up we apply, we also wear masks in the metaphysical sense when we deal with different people in our lives. We learned that it’s always important to find your step zero.

#TeamCLEO worked with Biotherm to learn from the way that their Life Plankton Essence works as the Step 0 of every beauty routine, to help clear away everything that’s clogging up your skin to reveal clarified skin beneath. It is literally the thing you do before even starting, to make sure everything else is absorbed and works to its best ability.

Participants went hands-on with the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence in an ‘unmasking’ activity, and refreshed and renewed their skin

Thanks also to its proprietary ingredient Life Plankton sourced from the French Pyrenees (a miraculous place with a natural “Fountain Of Youth”) it has an amazing regenerating action for skin. With this incredible formula, the Life Plankton Essences are able to cater to every person, every skin type and every need.

The same goes with your inner self: when you find your zero, you surrender everything and go back to a starting point. Ask yourself about your true purpose and your life’s work, to see if it aligns with everything you believe in. 

(From left) Safiyya Azman, Kimberly Wan and Siti Aishah were speakers during the Hot Shots Mini Retreat and also speak in our exclusive interview below

But is it really that easy? We interviewed three CLEO Hot Shots, Kimberly Wan, Siti Aishah and Safiyya Azman as well as three Supparetreat life coaches, Sarah Lian, Racheal Kwacz and Hannah Lo and asked them about their journey of finding their “essence”, living a purposeful life and to work with true meaning.

In this video, we discover how they found their calling and purpose, what pushes them forward to do what they do every day, and what it really means to them to constantly renew, regenerate and reinvent themselves so that they can perform at their best ability. 

So as your step 0 ask yourself: What is my true essence?

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