#TeamCLEO Tries: Swatching And Wearing The Silkygirl Gen Matte Lip Cream

When you work at a magazine, you get to see a lot of lipstick textures that come and go. We saw the years 2015 through to 2019 go from basic glosses and pencils to mega lip stains, lip powders, lip enhancers and the like. But one thing does always stay true and remain the same: The quest for a great matte lipstick that doesn’t flake or feather, or make it seem like the Sahara desert has made its way to your lips.

Before anything else, we were impressed by the finish of the new Silkygirl Gen Matte Lip Creams (at RM28.90 each) as the name literally reveals what it is — it’s a lip cream which makes it a creamy texture that dries down to matte.

How does a cream and matte come together? We find out.

“I actually liked this pretty pink hue and the first thing that struck me was that it was not a drying texture at all. It glides on quite smooth and I noticed that it didn’t transfer the whole day. I don’t even have any flakiness or anything. Yass!”

Hui Min wears 09 Glam Rose. 

“I have very dry lips so I always shy away from a matte product. But this was a nice surprise because the texture is very creamy but it dries to a fine matte. I made sure that I put this on in the morning and even after lunch, I noticed it hadn’t budged. What!!!”

Lina wears 06 Pink Dream.

“I have to say that this would be my top drugstore lipstick pick, like ever. It didn’t even make my lips chapped or dry and the best part was that it didn’t transfer the whole day. #LIPSTICKGOALS!”

Keisha wears 10 Cinnamon Kiss.

“How did this not transfer at all throughout my busy day? I just love how it stays on and this colour is so flattering on my skin tone!”

Aina wears 08 Red Rebel.