CLEO X GUARDIAN: 12 Products For A Flawless Finish

All About The Base

Have you looked in the mirror lately and decided that you wanna refine what your mama gave ya? No worries, cause we feel you. If you’re a beginner who is getting into makeup, welcome to the pit of cash shortage as you wonder why your bank account is almost empty most of the time.

To achieve a flawless base, you need the perfect tool – foundation. Now before you start bashing us and saying how cakey you’re going to look, we’re here to tell you that you’re not. Why? Everyone has different skin types and while something might work for your friends and family, it might not work for you.

Well, thank the makeup Gods for Guardian. Now that they have a makeup counter, Make Me Up by Guardian, our prayers have been answered. You can test all the foundations you want in store before making your final decision.

Just drop by KLCC, One Utama, Mid Valley or Sunway Pyramid and check out their Guardian outlet. Step it up a notch and spend RM50 and above in stores and get a little makeober done for free.

Here are the top 12 goodies #TeamCLEO has chosen for you based on your skin issues:

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I have super dry skin and foundation always ends up flaky. What should I do?

Put a little more time into your prep (scrub, serum and moisturiser), and try a foundation with a moisturising formula, like Silky White BB White Foundation, for a really smooth finish.

Silky White BB White Foundation in 0110, RM10

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