#CLEOBeautyBreakdown: Lash Extensions by Fabulash

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who are addicted to eyelash extensions and the ones who are too apprehensive to try. #TeamCLEO lash extensions newbies Fika and Meghan and self-proclaimed lash extensions veteran Mel weigh in on how Fabulash compares to other beauty salons.

Before we go on with our thoughts, we spoke to Pink, the managing director of Fabulash, to learn more about their business and passion.

When did Fabulash start and how did the business idea come about?
We started on the 1st of June 2017, slightly more than 7 months ago. The idea came about when I made friends with lash experts who were working in the lash and nail industry. We wanted people to enjoy quality products and services at an honest and competitive price. And of course, we wanted to make women feel beautiful. So we decided to start Fabulash as a place where women come to get great lashes and beautiful nails.

You mentioned that Fabulash strives to give back to the society. How do you do it?
The most essential part in any business to give back to the society is to firstly be good at what you’re providing. We’re always improving and striving to provide the best quality we can and be responsible with the products and materials we use. We also support and hire women from all walks of life – as long as they’re eager to learn, we’re happy to hire. We also support the Breast Cancer Foundation and help out with school charities.

What is the mantra of Fabulash?
Stay flawless and fabulous.

Now that we’ve got a bit of a background story, let’s move on to the reviews!

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Having tried lash extensions from Melbourne to KL, I dare cross my heart and say that Fabulash is one of the best lash salons I’ve ever been to. My lash extension experiences varied; some were okay, some were meh, and one was so horrible – the extensions started to fall off the very next day.

I’ll be honest – I did not have much expectations going in to Fabulash. Because of my varied experiences, I truly did not know to expect for the best or worst. Upon consultation with one of the lash experts, Tracy, I was “prescribed” the D curl and the Doll Eye look, based on my preference and eye shape.

I was then escorted into the room beyond the reception counter and plopped onto a pink reclining one-seater couch. Tracy held one single extension against my lash line and told me to look into a hand-held mirror, and asked if the length was okay for me. It has been awhile since I had lash extensions so the D curl looked a little too dramatic for my liking at the time. She then suggested that I go down to a C curl for now. Thereafter, I had to close my eyes and had no idea what went on, so I had a really long nap!

You know the salon is good if you went into REM sleep and barely felt a thing throughout the process. There was no tugging, no stinging, and zero discomfort. I woke up to looking at my new set of beautiful lashes and couldn’t have been more pleased.

There was minimal fallout throughout the weeks and this set lasted me about 5 weeks (before I went to visit Fabulash again). Here’s what it looked like after two weeks:

With everything said, Fabulash has definitely got my personal stamp of approval!

— Melanie Chow, Web Writer

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