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#CLEOTopShelf: August

Here at the magazine, we’re very lucky to be able to test out various beauty goodies (all in the name of work, of course). But with brands launching new stuff faster than we can say ‘hyaluronic acid’, it’s hard to fully commit to a product. Which is why it’s always exciting when we find ourselves reaching for a particular product time and again. Every month, we’ll let you in on what currently gets permanent real estate on our top shelves, why we love them and whether or not we’d be repurchasing. Here we go!

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Foreo Luna Play

“This is technically not an “empty”, because its battery life seems to last 4eva, but it definitely makes the cut for a #TopShelf. The Foreo Luna Play is something I picked up on my travels last year. I rekindled my association with this vibrating little beauty earlier this year and during the judging stages of our annual Beauty Awards.

I have to say I honestly thought it was hype, but after just trying it once, I was hooked. Though my skin is relatively problem-free (I do have some remnant acne scarring from weird adult-onset acne) but I always felt like texture was an issue. I’d have weird bumps, or dry, rough, uneven patches. I do have dull skin especially after months of chasing deadlines.

But just one use of the Foreo and it was smooth sailing for me — literally. My skin responded immediately. More than just a super-deep clean (which is what it gives, when you use it with your cleanser), I felt overall softness, evenness and instant clarity for my skin. After a while it helps skincare absorb better (coz there’s no leftover gunk, ha) which is win-win for skin. Love this little vibrating guy!”

-Lina, Editor

Foreo Luna Play, approx. RM160

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