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#CLEOTopShelf: September

Here at the magazine, we’re very lucky to be able to test out various beauty goodies (all in the name of work, of course). But with brands launching new stuff faster than we can say ‘hyaluronic acid’, it’s hard to fully commit to a product. Which is why it’s always exciting when we find ourselves reaching for a particular product time and again. Every month, we’ll let you in on what currently gets permanent real estate on our top shelves, why we love them and whether or not we’d be repurchasing. Here we go!

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Lancome Advanced Genefique Sensitive Dual Concentrate

“This is not technically an empty because I haven’t finished using it yet, but putting it here since I’m using it and have felt a slight difference, and I especially like Lancome’s free services that you can sign up for (check them out here!). I also thought the original Génefique was amazing for my dry skin.

First off, it’s a serum that gets activated so you have to use it within its 6-week period. Leave it any later and the ingredients won’t work so well. For this, in the first few days I broke out and had two pimples, but since this serum is catered to sensitive skin, I believeddddd.

After they cleared up I found my skin did feel less tight and I also especially liked the texture and the smell. People have commented on the scent but I really think it’s light and fresh. So far no real difference on my lines, but I have been told it’s not an anti-ageing serum. Since it’s dedicated for all skin types and ages, you can try it any time — it’ll improve skin’s resilience and improve it from within.”

Lancôme Advanced Génefique Sensitive Dual Concentrate, RM254.72

— Lina, Editor

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