Conversations Of Love With Jane Chuck and Han Pin, and Kaka Azraff and Adam Azriff

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To imagine a world without the emotion of love is inconceivable. Love is something that can literally make the world go ’round — it inspires movements, the arts, songs, stories, narratives, and enriches our lives. It’s a concept for which there is no wrong definition — it suits each and every person differently. Love, though, isn’t meant to be an easy ride. While there may be many facets and faces of love, once you meet the right one – it’s 101% worth it.

Taking inspiration from Emporio Armani’s previous fragrance duo in 2017, the story continues with the introduction of two scents: the latest sweet and feminine ‘In Love With You’ for her and spicy, energetic ‘Stronger With You Intensely’ that turns heads, for him. Both fragrances convey a symbol of connection and of unconditional love, reflecting a natural and irresistible lifestyle.

Setting the mood: The truly sensuous scents of Emporio Armani’s You released in 2017 are reimagined this year with In Love With You (50ml), RM313 and Stronger With You Intensely (50ml), RM272

‘In Love With You’ has a warm floral scent that intertwines with the voluptuous sweetness of black cherry and the sophistication of rose and jasmine notes making the scent more intense and modern. Dominant, but not overpowering, ‘Stronger With You Intensely’ is a woody fragrance with notes of pink pepper blended with vanilla essence reveals a twist of intrigue.

Just like the pair of both It-lovers; Jane Chuck and Han Pin, Kaka Azraff and Adam Azriff, ‘In Love With You’ and ‘Stronger With You Intensely’ sparks a head-turning energy and long evoked sighs of desire and romance. These power couples personified how it feels to adore one another unconditionally, showing us how fulfilling empowering and exceptional moments really can be.

And just as these scent duos are bonded by the theme of togetherness, we wanted to have conversations of love with two power couples, influencer Jane Chuck and her fiancé Han Pin who are playful with their affection, and singer Kaka Azraff and businessman husband Adam Azriff who are so deeply infatuated with each other. There are two very different couples here but they share the same underpinnings: Love is the answer.


What their social media posts don’t show: Han Pin and Jane have a lighthearted but very personal approach to their relationship, and always go back to love

Sometimes a random set-up by your best friends are the best beginnings — entrepreneur and social media influencer Jane Chuck was introduced to her now fiancé Han Pin through their mutual friends at a restaurant.

“I met Han through a friend eight years ago before we started dating. We realised quickly we had a lot in common.” They’ve been together as a couple for six years and recently got engaged last September while they were vacationing in Jaipur, India.

“We are best friends and partners in crime.” — Han Pin on his relationship with Jane Chuck

Having lived together for four years, they do find that they adapted well to each other. “I discovered that Jane and I complement each other more than we realized,” Han shared. “We have a similarly (lame) sense of humour, we share common interests and our life goals are aligned. We are best friends and partners in crime.”

There came a point that they just accepted each other’s differences. “I’m generally messy, and can’t multi-task at all. Now he’s oblivious to it,” Jane said. When asked on the key elements to sustain a good relationship, both strongly believe on having patience and understanding with one another.

Meet this power couple, who share what drew them closer together, and what made Han Pin know that Jane loves him intensely.

Kaka Azraff and Adam Azriff: Intensely In Love With Each Other

Can’t keep their hands to themselves? Singer Kaka Azraff made the first move in asking Adam Azriff about marriage

“I didn’t even know she was a singer,” said Adam Azriff, when he recounted the moment he met his now-wife Kaka Azraff. It’s probably because Kaka herself is so down-to-earth, open, bubbly, and just generally easy to be around. “I vividly remember hanging out doing karaoke with our friends and there was Kaka. We sang Usher’s ‘My Boo’ together and that was exactly how I found out she could actually sing.”

Having known each other for years as friends, the duo were inseparable. “We were both the only single ones in our circle of friends, so we gradually started getting close and that led to texting and then talking every day – and the rest is history.”

They went on to tie the knot last December after being in a relationship for eight months. “The best feeling in the world is indeed knowing you have somebody that reciprocates the same energy as you, and that you have a whole support system you can count on,” Adam said when asked on one of the reasons he decided to marry Kaka — after she was the one who sprung the question on him. “I mean, how many times do you get proposed to?” Adam laughed.

The love these two have is palpable, and here they share what makes them stronger together. Hit play for the conversation of love between Kaka Azraff and Adam Azriff!

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