Are Customized Products The Future Of Beauty?

Make-up has always been a big interest of mine, but the beauty world is beyond overwhelming when you’re just getting started. I didn’t have fantastic skin when I bought my first foundation and concealer, so a lot of products I tried would either worsen my acne or enhance my oily skin. There were times when I even felt like the foundation would literally slip off my face as the day goes by, yuck!

Worst case scenario is that you end up buying the wrong shade and end up looking like a floating head, when it’s so clear that your neck and face does NOT match. I’ve been cautious about this based on common mistakes from observation. A trick I’ve learnt to swerve away from this problem is to always remember to do my make-up in good lighting! Stay away from dim lighting during make-up application to avoid such horror.

Somewhere along the way of finding the perfect make-up base for my face, there is without a doubt that I have experienced purchasing the wrong shade. You probably have too. Best option is to get an expert to help you out, even if you think it’s annoying that they follow you around Sephora. It’s their job for goodness sake! Although, you can’t only rely on the beauty counter assistant, you will notice that not all brands cater to your specific skin tone, especially if you’re tanned or on the darker scale of the chart.

So how do brands target a solution to this problem? Customizable products and 2017 seems like the year this trend will finally fall through. if you’re an avid beauty lover, you will probably know that the general idea is nothing new, back in 2012 Prescriptive kick started their custom blend foundation but it wasn’t too popular then. But now with the help of technology, brands are hopping onto the bandwagon quickly. You can check out how the future will look like in your favourite beauty stores below:

No more guessing your shade.

Posted by Top Knot on 24hb Januari 2017

Kiehl's Serum

This serum is custom-designed for your skin type. ✨

Posted by Top Knot on 8hb Februari 2017