Beauty Breakdown: Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brushes On Three Hair Textures

Some days, you think that you’ve tried it all and that beauty has already reached a status quo. Hair straightener? Sure. Powerful hair curler that uses just air? Cool!

Now you can add a new nifty device to that list  — the Dafni ceramic brush is an all-in-one device that straightens while combing your locks. It’s the first of its kind: This straightening ceramic hair brush has a patented 3D ceramic technology which has a constant temperature of 185°C, the optimal temperature for hair styling and keeping it strong and healthy.

What distinguishes it from your traditional straightener is that you don’t have to do your hair in tiny, tiny sections that takes SO MUCH TIME. Rather, its unique 3D ceramic surface allows for ten times more hair to be straightened in a single stroke, so you can get out the door that much quicker!

It’s also designed with your head in mind — its Curved Core Technology complements the shape of the scalp and its unique tech makes sure that its straightening abilities are at its safest levels.

And guess what, this was all inspired by and created by a woman! Sharon Rabi is an engineer and entrepreneur and was propelled to create these straightening brushes. #TeamCLEO took a try and it could straighten in seconds. Take a look!

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Straight Shooting: Lim Lee Ann

Left: After // Right: Before

Lee Ann’s Hair type:

Straight & frizzy

She tested:


How it helped  in getting ready:

“I get to have a tamer mane in five minutes and it shortens the amount of time to get ready by a whole lot! I have crazy frizzy hair and this has helped me in taming them before I leave home.”

What she liked about it:

“How easy it was for me to use it to achieve straighter hair. It’s like a magical comb that really does something to your hair and in my case, it’s straightening my hair. All it takes is one time for me to see the results! Plus, you won’t easily burn your hands which is my main concern when it comes to using hair styling tools.”


“Straighter and neater hair that’s got my cray cray hair frizziness in control.”

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