#TeamCLEO-Approved Ways To Deal With This Heatwave

Tips and tricks that we use to stay cool and fresh.

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There are loads of benefits to living in Malaysia’s tropical climate – it’s bright and sunny, the humidity means your skin won’t dry out the way it would in a colder or drier place, and we get to avoid SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

But with the good, we have to accept some of the not-so-good. All that sun exposure means we need to be extra diligent about sun protection, the humidity turns your carefully styled hair into a frizzy pouf as soon as you step outside your air conditioned room, and let’s not get started on the SWEAT. Sometimes, you just want to go about your business without being covered in sweat, y’know?

So, #TeamCLEO has decided to list down our top 5 tips to beat the heat. Or at least, get comfortable, ‘cause this heat isn’t letting up anytime soon. Sit yourself down in front of a fan, and read on.

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1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Start your day with a glass of water, and keep drinking throughout the day, especially if you’re out and about. Staying hydrated will also keep away those pesky heat-induced headaches.

To hydrate and cool down, choose a chilled drink, but go easy on the sugar! Choose a naturally sweet fruit-flavoured tea or infused water (think slices of lemon or lime, herbs or fruit). In a pinch, fill your thermos with cold water and carry that around. No disposable plastic and on-demand cold water. Win-win!

On ice, always

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