The Difference Between Instagram Vs Real Life Make-Up

Make-up is a passion to some of us, no matter what nasty things people might say – beauty junkies will usually just brush it off. It’s no surprise that we don’t wake up with a perfect cat-eye eyeliner on and a red lip. MUA and make-up enthusiasts go the extra mile for that Instagram airbrushed look we love to see on our feed. Nothing quite as satisfying as a cut crease eye look and eyebrows on fleek!

The power of make-up can lift your mood and build confidence almost instantly. Obviously out of everyone here, make-up artists themselves know how much effort goes into the dramatic look and the difference in comparison to their usual make-up they actually wear out IRL. Don’t get too sucked up on what you see on social media platforms, make-up is an art form and it should be used with an intention to create!

Having both looks side by side is amazing to look at, hence why we’re absolutely mesmerized by this new Youtube trend going around: