Embrace Freedom With Chanel’s Cruise Collection 2017

The way in which Gabrielle Chanel embraced Summer beauty as a radiant touch of sun on the skin, is the stuff of the beauty legend. The trailblazer even liberated the definition of natural glamour which changed the way we defined beauty forever.

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For CHANEL’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica’s first CRUISE COLLECTION – she’s created a collection of makeup which encapsulates instinctively the beauty and warmth of a CHANEL Summer; a tribute to the free and solar personality of Mademoiselle.

LES INDISPENSABLES DE L’ÉTÉ is a luminous and glamorous makeup collection the distills Summer beauty down to its absolute essentials. It is makeup made effortless, focusing on bronzed, glowing skin and easy understated flashes of colour.

With colours inspired by natural landscapes, a palette of sun-baked earth tones from warm peachy nudes to intense deep bronzes is punctuated by green accents and a delicate grey-blue with glossy cloral-pinks evoking a deep, majestic sunset.

But for Lucia Pica, Summer at CHANEL is more than just a bronzed complexion, it’s a whole new state of mind. It’s the confidence engendered by the easy spirit of Summer.

It’s freedom, daring not to conform, an it’s trusting in nature, relaxing and letting go.

“The concept is that there is no concept! It is about sensuality, feeling and the spirit of things.” – Lucia Pica

*The Cruise Collection is available from 1st of May 2017 onwards