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Everything You Need To Know About A Skincare Fridge

When you have all the chill. Feat Image:

2018 gave us plenty of boujee beauty trends: 24K gold face rollers, the hair tool that can basically feed a tiny village and a techy light therapy mask that render facials obsolete. While I’m always up to sporting a mask that makes me look an Avenger, the one trending beauty tool (or equipment, in this case) that I’m defo putting on my Xmas wishlist is a mini fridge to house my skincare.

Excessive? Yes. Exxxxxtra? Totally. Necessary? Not entirely, but most of my beauty obsessions stem from the question ‘Do you really need it?’ (see: eye cream, fancy electrical toothbrush, MUA-approved lipsticks..). So here I am, researching various ways to keep my sheet masks chilled. Read on to find out why a mini fridge might just be the best skincare splurge of your life.

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What’s A Skincare Fridge?


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The ultimate in self-care. A method to prolong your product’s lifespan. A way to brag about how far you’ve come in life. The fanciest way to tell the Malaysian heat to suck it. The answers are endless. But it is basically a little fridge for you to store your skincare products so they last longer and apply cold to calm any skin flare ups. These fridges are usually used to store drinks on the go and they’re smaller than hotel mini-bar fridges which are often more expensive.

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