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The Exact Makeup Used In Selena Gomez’s New ‘Fetish’ Video

Selena Gomez’s ‘Fetish’ video is supposedly just a teaser (so expect to see another full-blown music video for the hit!). In the entire video, you see nothing more than the lower half of her face. And guys, the focus is real.

Image by Selena Gomez Vevo @ Youtube

You spend exactly 3 minutes and 4 seconds staring at her lip syncing. Up close. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the video–it’s sensual, yet a little disturbing and too close for comfort.

TBH, it’s pretty difficult to pay attention to the actual music when Selena is this close to you. There will come a point when you start having questions. Are her lips twitching? What lip gloss is she wearing? How is she looking so dewy? Wait, is she wearing makeup at all? 

If you’re even the least bit curious about the products used on her in the teaser video, look no further. Her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, spills the details.

The “almost no makeup” look only comprises of highlighter, moisturizer, fake freckles (drawn on with eyeliner) and lip gloss. It’s just that simple!

Below, the exact products used on Selena. You’re welcome.

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Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, RM205, Marc Jacobs Beauty via Sephora

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